Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I Hope!

I just wanted to make a post as to what I hope this blog can do for me and anyone else interested in Home Brewing. I was hoping that I could see how far we have come. I also want to share recipes that we have tried and maybe get some new ones.

I am also hoping that the reader will get something out of this blog also. I was hoping that you could see our mistakes and maybe avoid doing the same thing. Also, I wanted a place that you could watch us to see what we are doing. How are we upgrading our equipment and how our beers turn out.

I want to tell you a little about my husband and I as we start this journey of Home Brewing.
Jared, is a thirty something guy. He has grown to appreciate beer more as he has grown up. This was a step that we needed to take to achieve another one of our goals (not going to be mentioned until it happens). Jared works full time for the hospital in the city where we live. April, is a thirty something woman. She stays home throughout the day to be home for their two boys, ages 11 and 8. April is not as fond of beer but is learning. They hope to bring the boys in to the brewing process by brewing root beer and other sodas. But first they have to master beer..

So stay tuned for all of our mistakes and mess ups. Should be fun to watch!

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