Sunday, November 14, 2010

Batch #4 - Cream Ale for Cherry Beer. - FAILURE#1

We used the same recipe for Cream ale for this batch we used for Batch #1.
As with the Red Ale, we brewed in a 33 quart enameled stock pot.
We used the same new toys from that batch (brewed the same day).
Unfortunately, we didn't get far on this batch. We added the full 6.5 gallons of water to the pot. We steeped the grain as normal, grinding the grains with the magic-bullet. After steep, we brought to a boil and added the malt extract.

Right after the extract, we brought to a boil again and ran into major issues. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop laughing as our expensive extract boiled right out of the pot, but I would guess we lost nearly 1/4 of the extract onto the garage floor. We hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, but decided that this batch should now be abandoned. I poured the remaining wort into the drive-way and we cleaned up.

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