Monday, November 1, 2010

Bottling The Cream Ale

On Saturday October 30th we bottled our Cream Ale. Jared and I both thought that it was bland but would most likely get better with carbonation. The carbonation process will take place in the bottles. We will see in a few weeks how it really tastes.Jared opening the ale pail
Inside the ale pail. All the scum.....but boy did it smell good!
Hydrometer reading
The look of the Cream Ale
And the first taste.
Putting the ale into the sugar so the yeast can eat and form carbonation
The bottom of the ale pail
Filling a sterile bottle.
Capping with a sterile cap
That was easy! The look on my face says it all!
Jared filling a bottle
Half of the beer we bottled. We were able to get 45 full bottles!

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  1. I found your post while looking for pictures of ale pails. Not to be nosy, but the way you're filling your bottling bucket will most likely oxidize your beer. You should always transfer and siphon very gently once fermentation has started (even to the secondary if you use one) to prevent oxidation of your beer. Splashing it into the bottling bucket will introduce a lot of oxygen into your beer, far more than the yeast will consume in conditioning.

    Just my two cents.