Monday, November 15, 2010

Completed Cream Ale

On Saturday night we taste tested the completed Cream Ale that we had bottled two weeks ago.Yes I am a dork. I made a sign so I could tell what was what on the camera and then decided to use the pictures!
Jared pouring the first beer
Taste testing it.

Now, both Jared and I thought that the brew was a good one. We did notice that the carbonation was low. We wonder if we kept it in too cool of a spot. We have since moved the storage of beer upstairs. Just to see. But otherwise the flavor was good and the color was also good. Not a bad first beer!

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  1. I talked with the owner of Point Brew Supply today and she told me to move the beer to a warmer place. She said that it should wake the yeast up again and give our brew more carbonation.