Thursday, November 18, 2010

Batch #6 - Cream Ale for Cherry Beer - FAILURE#3

Again, we try this batch. We replaced the extract, grains, and drinking water we used in the first attempt of this batch (Batch #5).
- We used less water in our initial boil, and settled on 4 gallons in the pot.
- Steep was normal. 150degrees for 30 minutes. We ground the grain again ourselves with the magic bullet.
- Extract didn't boil over as much this time, but we still managed a small amount. (We haven't had a boil yet where we were able to handle the break)
- Hops additions were per recipe.
- We boiled outside and used the immersion chiller to cool.
It started to go wrong at this point.
- We tried purchasing a different carboy cap for this batch, and didn't realize it was a blowoff cap. It would only fit hoses, the standard airlock wouldn't go. Be actually broke an airlock trying to make it work.
- We decided to leave batch with a cap on it while we got a new cork. Unfortunately, all the stores were closed at this point. We found a cork cap at menards without a hole in it, but for some reason, decided not to bother with messing with it that night. The next day, April went to Plan-It Earth - a local healthfood store (they have a brewers section) and picked up a few rubber stoppers. Unfortunately, neither of them fit, but the bigger problem was, the wort now smelled like strained peas after sitting overnight. The smell was completely repulsive to both of us.
- Again, rather than continuing, we dumped the batch.

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  1. You had added yeast and the beer was starting to ferment? Fermenting beer can smell awful. NEVER DUMP! You could have just put a piece of aluminum foil over the top until you got an airlock. Throw a shout out to MASH when you have problems and you'll get a fast response. I don't think you needed to dump this beer.